HomeOur PeopleAnna Gerke – Senior Procurement and Supply Chain Administrator

“My journey with Reynolds  began in 2007 when I joined the business as a Line Supervisor. During my career at Reynolds I have worked in several departments, starting in Operations before moving on to a role in the Control Office as an Operations Admin. I then spent some time in Quality Control as a Quality Controller, but decided I wanted a change and moved to Customer Services as a Customer Service Adviser. Finally, I found my place in the Technical Department as a Category Technologist, eventually progressing to Senior Procurement and Supply Chain Administrator. My current role requires a lot of multi-tasking but I enjoy the environment and remain motivated to further my personal development and reach my goals.

I enjoy learning and being in a fast moving business, and Reynolds has given me the ability to explore multiple opportunities and roles, so that I could eventually find the role that fit me best.”


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